PUNTERS have been able to enjoy a pint indoors in Newport for the first time in five months.

Pubs were able to open their doors to have customers indoors today, following a relaxation in coronavirus rules in Wales.

Landlords in the city spoke of their joy at seeing regulars who may not have wanted to brave the elements outdoors return.

Tomos Young, manager of the Pen and Wig, said: "It is great to welcome everyone back indoors.


"We've been lucky with the outdoor area that we've had, we've been quite busy with them, but it is great to have people back in the pub.

"It is great to see some of the older faces coming back now, and it is great to have the buzz back because you don't get some of that atmosphere outside sometimes.

"But it is fantastic to get all aspects of the pub up and running.


"It is great to see some of the older faces coming back now, who didn't want to sit outside in the cold.

"It is a degree of normality."

Kieran King, who runs the Carpenters Arms in High Street, agreed.


He added: "Most of the old boys now, who perhaps didn't want to sit outside and face the elements, have to started to come in today.

"It is wonderful to see them and great to be back."

Mr King also said he had a "sense of confidence moving forward" following three weeks of operating outdoors.

He said: "We are keeping the outdoor across the road for another year I believe.

"So it allows us to double the capacity of the venue, sit outside in the sun, in the peace and quiet if they're not a sporting fan.

"And then when rules are released a bit they can come in, we can put the music up and have the sport commentary out, and its another step to normality."


However, Mr King did say the response to opening indoors had been "milder" compared to the outdoor launch last month.

But he said he felt things would return to normal before long.

He said: "It's a little bit milder today because there is still a bit of social anxiety indoors I think.

"It is a lot easier to distance outdoors where there is a bit more space and the fresh air.

"But I think we will get there in time, it's just a case of showing customers that we're going to be very Covid compliant and apply by the rules and then that will get around the town."