Well Mr T McCarthy tells us that “figurative language is being taken literally", and then immediately contradicts himself in the next sentence by saying "Jesus abolished death" as fact, when he should have said "I believe“.

But why did the authorities pick an unemployed working class carpenter? well a rich merchant would not have fitted the bill with the masses, the true messages have been carefully airbrushed out "I believe" along with his mother Mary to facilitate the immaculate conception later, his teachings have more in common with the communist manifesto when he railed against Roman oppression “nations that enslave others enslave themselves" the abuse and oppression against women(sexism/prostitution) others from distant lands(racism) the principal function of social groups and family, his rage at the moneylenders and speculators(sounds familiar?) ,take the RC church of Rome with billions of investments worldwide, yet millions of followers are impoverished, but I believe these institutions because of their voluntary status cannot address the three main things that humans need, 1 a roof over your head, 2 clothes on your back, 3 decent food in your stomach, incidentally, it could be argued the three most expensive things you need, well I once asked a famous businessman why we can’t feed the world? He said “well we can’t make a lot of money out of it!"

T King, Five Locks Road, Pontnewydd