IS IT not time that Messrs McCarthy, Banfield, Jackson and anyone else joining the pointless exchanges of views on the Bible and its interpretation agreed to disagree?

No-one will convince Mr Banfield (or me, for that matter) that the Bible is anything more than a book written 2,000-plus years ago by superstitious people who had no explanation for what a bolt of lightning was, let alone the complexities of modern living.

I actually admire people like Mr McCarthy having such devout faith in such modern times, but please let those of us with a belief in nature, rather than supernatural deities, get on with our own lives.

I like to think that I am a decent human being, and I do not need fear of religion to remain so.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion and to choose how to live their lives by whichever code they wish, provided of course it conforms to decent human standards and doesn’t impose on others.

The argument in these pages is becoming tiresome, especially when neither side can prove/disprove the other.

A Bond Tramway Close Cwmbran