NOW all the hooha concerning the PCC seems to be settling down, I would like to know what is the annual cost, both in man hours and monetary terms, in the setting up and operating the ‘one stop shop’ to meet the police throughout the county and what is the uptake by members of the public?

Is this an effective way of using the available resources or would the public be better served if officers returned to one of their core roles of patrolling the streets?

No doubt an explanation of lack of manpower will be offered so the question is, why is it necessary to have so many “squads” or “teams” of officers dealing with things like truancy, dog fouling, anti-social behaviour etc, etc? The list is endless, all these are part of core policing.

While I am at it, can someone please explain why is it necessary to close roads for hours on end whenever there is a road traffic accident? Not every scene has be “forensically examined” surely the main aim should be to keep traffic flowing.

Come on Mr PCC use your knowledge and experience in returning the Gwent Police to the effective efficient force it once was.

John Williams, North Road, Croesyceiliog