I REFER to the letter from John Williams relating to the Gwent Police use of ‘one- stop shops’. I am working with the chief constable to review the way that communities can access police stations, officers and staff.

I have attended more than 150 public meetings in the past nine months and it is very apparent that the closure of police station front desks remains a high priority for members of our communities. Many people believe that the manner previously adopted in selling/closing police stations was wholly inappropriate, without any meaningful public consultation.

I have asked the chief constable to carry out a consultation exercise through the local police commanders, when local communities and community leaders will be very much involved in the process. I will then review decisions previously made.

In terms of use of mobile police stations, my feedback is that while some rural communities support the concept, overall the public are underwhelmed. I will personally reply to the other items raised by Mr Williams. In conclusion, I am using my experience and knowledge to deliver the best policing for our communities.

Ian Johnston Police and Crime Commissioner