I AM getting extremely fed-up hearing in the media, how pensioners are to fund their old age and at the same time having what little pension most do have eroded with the food and energy increases.

The latest now I read in a daily news paper, which I will not name: MILLIONS WITHOUT PLAN TO PAY FOR OLD AGE.

I would like to point out to the instigator of this story that not everybody is on £50,000+ a year.

I myself was lucky to see £20,000 a year and that was with my wife working as well.

Apart from that, a lot of older people, after bringing up one family, are bringing up their grandchildren as well, so for many, saving for their old age had to take a back burner.

I would also like to point out that by the time that today’s pensioners found out that today’s and future governments weren’t going to honour their commitment to them, it was to late to build a nest egg.

Bryn Jones Ton Road Cwmbran