CLASSIC cars, limousines and even horse-drawn carriages are popular choices for a wedding entrance, but one Blaenavon bride wanted something a little more unusual.

With sirens blazing, Stacey Holvey pulled up in a ‘Green Goddess’ military fire engine for her big day on Saturday, specially modified so she could climb in wearing stilettos.

People along the road in Llangattock might have thought the army fire engine was back in service, but although the driver knew he needed to be quick, it wasn’t to put out a fire - but deliver Stacey to her fiancé Craig Williams.

Brother-in-law of the bride Steve Mayers loves vintage cars and rescued the vehicle two years ago from a field where it was starting to rust. It wasn’t driveable at the time but after love and care from Mr Mayers it became a worthy coach for Miss Holvey.

Waiting at The Old Rectory Hotel near Crickhowell, groom Mr Williams, 39, from Abertillery, said: “I wasn’t too fussed on the fire engine at the beginning, but it looks tidy now Steve has done it up. Fair play.”

Mr Williams, a cleaner, met his bride-to-be on the dating website Plenty of Fish and his now-wife has moved to Abertillery to be with him. He said: “She’s cracking. I proposed about two years ago. I knelt down in the kitchen when she was cooking steak and she told me to get out!”

But the new Mrs Williams, a nurse in Panteg, soon recovered from the shock and since then the whole family has come together to make their day special.

Describing the day, Mr Williams said it was "fantastic", adding that everyone loved the engine and posed for photographs with it.

Taking inspiration from their own romantic success, the couple named each table at their ceremony after a different dating website.

“A few of my friends are single so who knows,” Mr Williams said.

Mr Meyers worked on the fire engine to make sure it was comfortable, putting in love heart cushions and steps so his sister-in-law and her bridesmaids could climb down wearing their dresses and heels.

He even tracked down an old fashioned fireman’s uniform to complete the look, and had to do a quick change after arriving before watching the happy couple make their vows.

Mr Mayers is used to driving the impressive vehicle to Blaenavon Heritage Day each year, but said this was the first time he’d played chauffeur to a bride. “It was great driving Stacey in,” he said. “I was a bit nervous. I had the engine all resprayed and put in brakes - there’s still work to be done.”

Steve Church, 47, who lives next door to the hotel, said he thought he had seen it all with wedding vehicles arriving each day, but even he was surprised by the siren heralding the bride's entrance. “I’ve seen flash motors, motorbikes and tractors, horse and carts but this is definitely unusual," he said. "All the best to the bride and groom and I hope they have a great day.”