A CHEPSTOW mum has spoken of her anger after her daughter received a uniform breach warning because of the chunky sole on her shoes.

Georgia Bradbury, of Summerhouse Lane, Chepstow, only started at the school earlier this month and came home with a uniform infringement sticker in her notebook after wearing shoes that were deemed unfit because they cannot be polished.

Mum Emma Huws, 43, believes that her 11-year-old daughter has done nothing wrong, and that the shoes will not affect her ability to learn.

She said: “I was absolutely fuming to find the infringement sticker when Georgia came home.

“Pupils were asked to pick up their feet so they could check the soles of their shoes.

“Some pupils were advised that their shoes were not deemed fit for school uniform if they cannot be polished, however, it does not state that in the school uniform rules.

“Georgia is really upset and worried about being put in isolation by the school. She tells me that many children were issued with the infringement stickers and pupils were asked to pick up their feet so they could check the soles of their shoes."

The school uniform policy for Chepstow School states that the uniform should comprise of a school blazer with the logo, a light blue school shirt, school trousers that are not leggings, denim, jeggings, jean look, stretch material or tight fitting, a knee length skirt that is not stretch material or tight fitting, a school tie in house colours and black leather or leather-look shoes with a low heel.

“I don’t understand how the size of the sole on her shoe could have an impact on her learning,” added Mrs Huws.

“It shouldn’t have any impact at all, and it has really upset her.”

Chepstow School's head teacher, Claire Price has had the school uniform has changed following a two year consultation process with parents, students, staff and governors.

She said: "The school community wanted a uniform that showed pride in the school and reflected students readiness to do well. As part of the consultation process, it was decided that shoes, not trainers or trainer type footwear would form an integral part of the School Uniform Policy.

"We are sorry if anyone is unhappy with the uniform requirements; we see school uniform as an integral part of our whole school approach to excellence and we will continue to uphold our high expectations in all aspects of school life."