THE resignation of a Torfaen councillor could prompt a by-election in a Pontypool ward.

Former Trevethin member Matt Ford stood down from the role after he accepted a role as an employee with Torfaen County Borough Council.

A spokesman for the council said that as dictated by electoral law, Mr Ford was unable to operate both roles and therefore resigned from his position on the council.

He said: “Cllr Ford has been successful with an application for a job with Torfaen County Borough Council which, under electoral law, means he cannot also fulfil his role as a Torfaen councillor.

“He has therefore formally resigned from his role and a vacancy for the Trevethin ward has now been advertised.

“Further details can be found on our website”

The notice of a vacancy within the council was made public on Monday, January 8, stating that a casual vacancy in the Trevethin ward had arisen.

A by-election will only be required if “two local government electors from within the local authority area submit a written request for a by-election to the proper officer, Alison Ward”.

Should two requests be received, the by-election polling day will be set by the returning officer 35 working days from the request receipt.

The seat will remain vacant until the required number of requests are received and there is no request time limit.

In the 2017 election, Mr Ford received the most votes with 424, followed by Cllr Louise Shepphard with 400.