A PUPPY is "lucky to be alive" after it was thrown out of a car in Torfaen.

Seven-month-old River, thought to be a Saluki Lurcher-cross, was recently tossed out of a car into moving traffic.

Fortunately, people were able to come to the aid of the dog before it was knocked down.

Amy Greenfield, who is Hope Rescue charity’s fundraising manager, said: “The young dog was caught and then kept safe until a dog warden could take it to a local vet.

“People saw River being thrown from a car.

“River is lucky to be alive. To be thrown from a car was a callous act. It is unbelievable that someone would discard a dog into traffic.”

When the dog was later examined at a vets, it was found to be riddled with worms and fleas, as well as suffering from osteoarthritis and severe muscle wastage in one hip.

“We think the dog was abandoned because of its ill health,” said Miss Greenfield.

“The dog was already bad before even being thrown from the car.

“River is now recovering with us, where he will receive all the care and treatment he needs.”

Following fundraising activities from the charity and The Dogs of Torfaen Facebook page, a staggering £1,750 was raised to cover River’s hip surgery last week.

“We must all say a thank you to the Facebook group The Dogs of Torfaen,” said Miss Greenfield.

“The community spirit and support for River has been overwhelming. This amazing group of people has already raised more than 90 per cent of the funding needed to help River.

“It’s so heart-warming when people come together to save a lovely young dog that has so clearly suffered while in the care of his previous owners.

“The team at Hope were determined that the seven-month-old would get the best treatment, so even though amputation of the hind limb would have been cheaper, we opted instead for an operation to save his leg.

“The operation was extensive and took some expert work he desperately needed.”

She added: “We are now currently looking for a foster home for River. And later a forever home for him.”

If you would like to make a donation towards River’s care, visit https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/saveriver or e-mail fundraising@hoperescue.org.uk.

And anyone who can offer a quiet foster home without cats or small children can contact the Hope Rescue foster team on fosters@hoperescue.org.uk.