ST JOHN’S on-the-Hill Preparatory School in Chepstow has received an ‘excellent’ inspection report from the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI).

The school was graded ‘excellent’ for the quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements, and the quality of their personal development.

A team of four inspectors spent three days at the school in December.

In their report, the inspectors said: “Pupils are highly motivated and confident, positively embracing new challenges and opportunities.

"They plan and organise their work effectively and display extremely positive attitudes toward learning, taking great pride in their work and in their achievements.”

The inspectors added: “Pupils are highly articulate, eloquent and confident communicators orally and in writing, [and] are also skilled and respectful listeners.”

Ruth Frett, the school's headteacher, said she was “delighted" with the report.

"To be rated excellent in all areas is testament to our brilliant staff and pupils," she said.

“We believe that every child benefits from individual attention from teachers, who are subject specialists, in small classes.

"We are proud to offer an exciting and varied curriculum, wonderful opportunities and outstanding facilities, to help every pupil reach their full potential whilst being nurtured in a family environment.

“This is reflected in the confidence and high self-esteem of our pupils.”