MONMOUTHSHIRE council will give its support to controversial plans to build up to 111 homes in Raglan when the application goes before Welsh ministers.

Councillors reiterated their support for the outline application for housing on land south of Monmouth Road at a special planning committee meeting on Tuesday, although opinions were split.

The application has already been approved by the council, but the decision will now be made by Welsh ministers after being 'called-in.'

Councillors met to reconsider the plans on Tuesday after incorrect figures were presented with the application when it was approved.

At the time councillors were told that by the expiry of the Local Development Plan in 2021, the council was projected to be 961 houses short of its targets when it was 504.

The decision to support the plans will now set out the council's stance for the call-in.

The development would bring 39 affordable homes, 35 per cent of the total, as well as a total of £800,000 in planning contributions including money towards a new village hall and improved bus services.

Gareth Barton, representing the applicant, said housing was still desperately needed in the area.

"The issues raised do not change anything," he said.

"There remains a significant housing shortfall and a clear need for affordable housing."

However several spoke against the plans.

Raglan ward councillor Penny Jones said there were sites which provide "better options" for affordable housing.

"I do not think building 111 homes in one area is the answer," she said.

"It's a sledgehammer to crack a nut."

Helen Ronchetti, from Raglan Village Action Group, said the plans would "destroy Raglan's last link with the open countryside."

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Campaigners protest against the plans

And chairman of Raglan Community Council, Cllr Brian Willott, said the scale of the development was too big, warning it could be 'damaging' to village infrastructure.

"The community council is not Nimby," he said.

"We accept the need for more homes, especially affordable homes, but not on the scale of this development."

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Cllr Mat Feakins said affordable homes were "desperately needed" but that he could not support the plans due to the scale of development.

And Cllr Giles Howard said it was "the wrong development in the wrong place", and that its size was more appropriate for a larger town.

But Cllr Alan Davies pointed out letters of support had been lodged saying homes were needed, and that campaigners in the public gallery opposing the plans did not represent everyone in Raglan.

Cllr Roger Harris said the plans offered a significant amount of affordable housing.

And Cllr Phil Murphy also said he supported the plans "but not with any great enthusiasm."

Six voted to approve the application, and five to refuse it.