EIGHT jobs will be created when Monmouthshire County Council assumes responsibility for the county’s parking enforcement from Gwent Police next month.

The council will employ six civil enforcement officers – one of whom will be a supervisor – plus a civil enforcement manager and an administrative assistant.

The authority may consider taking on an additional two officers to cover civil enforcement, but this will depend on funding.

The council's Civil Parking Enforcement policy will be introduced on Monday, April 8, when the authority takes on powers to enforce on-street parking restrictions, in addition to the off-street car parks it already manages.

The police will continue to be responsible for dealing with dangerously parked vehicles, obstruction, and moving traffic offences.

Councillor Bryan Jones said: “Inconsiderate parking can often lead to congestion or issues with public transport and prevent emergency service vehicles from accessing areas as well as causing problems for local businesses when vehicles overstay their time outside shops.

“The council will create a dedicated civil enforcement team to manage parking traffic regulations within the county.

“This will lead to improved parking in areas with existing problems as well as an increased turnover of parking spaces and improved safety for pedestrians and road users.

“It will also discourage inappropriate and inconsiderate parking on restricted zones like double yellow lines or zig-zag markings and create a safer highway network for all road users.”

A penalty charge notice (PCN) will be issued when a civil enforcement officer witnesses a vehicle parked in contravention of an order. The charge will be £70 for more serious offences and £50 for lesser ones.

If the PCN is paid within 14 days of receipt of the notice, the charge will be reduced by 50 per cent.