PUPILS from Nant Celyn Primary, Cwmbran, are making a positive impact in the community through their roles as Heddlu Bach (mini police).

The 20 pupils who form the Heddlu Bach have taken part in a number of projects to create a safe and stimulating environment in and around the school grounds.

A survey was conducted by the children which identified litter and traffic related problems in the area.

This led to them getting in touch with Torfaen council, and new litter bins being installed outside the school.

The Heddlu Bach are now creating posters to distribute to parents who collect pupils from the school, and have also held a class assembly highlighting the benefits of travelling to school in an eco-friendly way.

Nant Celyn Primary deputy head teacher Caroline Swann said: “All the children are passionate about being taken seriously and want to make a real difference.

“We have established a very strong team of Heddlu Bach Officers at Nant Celyn Primary School and we are proud of all the children that have taken part.”

Year five pupil Elyse Glover said: “Before I became a Heddlu Bach Officer I was not very confident and now being a Heddlu Bach Officer has made me more confident. I have always enjoyed helping others and now I’m able to help more people. When I became a Heddlu Bach Officer it made me feel proud because I’m helping the community and trying to make a difference.”