MEMBERS of the clergy in Wales have pledged solidarity with worshippers at Notre Dame after the Paris Parisian cathedral was engulfed in a massive fire on Monday.

In a gesture of solidarity, Canon Mark Soady, secretary of the Greater Churches Network and vicar of St Mary’s Priory in Abergavenny, tolled the church’s Priory Bell.

He said: “While the church is the people, not buildings, we know how important church buildings are as places to go at times of joy and loss.

“Our thoughts are with the people of Paris who have lost their ‘go to place’ as a result of the fire. I’m sure as we prepare to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection on Easter Day so we hope in the face of adversity.”

The Archbishop of Wales, John Davies, said: “An icon of faith, a symbol of Christ’s love and presence among [the people of Paris] has, in this most holy week of the Christian year, been fatally wounded.

“But 850 years of faith cannot be destroyed by one of earth’s elements, fire. In signalling my profound sorrow to my brothers and sisters of the community of Notre Dame, I express hope that, from the ashes of this wonderful building, there will emerge a renewal of souls and a refreshed determination to proclaim the new life of the Gospel of the Risen Christ.”

French media reported the inferno may be linked to renovation work at the cathedral – one of the world’s most famous tourist attractions.

The fire toppled the cathedral’s ancient spire and has threatened the structure’s entire wooden frame.