Monmouthshire County Council is introducing part-time closures at all of its Household Waste and Recycling Centres (HWRCs) from Saturday, June1.

The decision was made by full council following a consultation of budget proposals.

Councillor Bryan Jones, the local authority’s cabinet member for operations, said: “The changes to Household Waste and Recycling Centres have been implemented to make savings.

“Part time closures to HWRCs have been shaped by residents’ feedback during a recent engagement exercise.

“I hope that residents understand that part-time closures are positive and have led to savings being made without any permanent closures.”

From June 1, Llanfoist HWRC, will close every Wednesday. Five Lanes HWRC will close every Thursday. Mitchel Troy HWRC will close every Monday and Thursday, and Usk HWRC will close every Tuesday and Friday.

Also starting on June 1 will be a new identification system for access to Monmouthshire’s HWRCs.

Residents will be required to provide proof of residency, in the form of a new permit, to gain entry into all sites.

Every household in Monmouthshire will receive one permit which will be sent along with an information leaflet.

The permits will be issued free of charge and are expected to reach residents by June 1.

Residents who do not receive a permit by that date are urged to contact 01633 644644 or email to obtain a permit.

A driving licence will be accepted in the interim period.

One permit will be issued per household, and the permits are transferable between vehicles where a household has more than one car. If a permit is lost or forgotten a valid driving licence displaying a Monmouthshire address will be accepted by staff.

Meet and greet staff will be present at all sites. Residents are asked to display permits on their windscreen.

Monmouthshire County Council said the permits had been introduced in a bid to prevent an “influx of waste” from neighbouring authorities being placed in the local authority’s four HWRCs.

The county’s new system of waste and recycling collections has not been without teething problems, but Cllr Jones thanked residents for their “continued cooperation”.