A YOUNG man with a rare genetic condition has been praised for his charitable work.

Callum Arnold, 20, from Abergavenny, organised a “bounce marathon” to raise £217 for National Star, a charity which supports him and other young people who have complex disabilities. Mr Arnold has Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome, a rare genetic condition caused by an enzyme deficiency. It affects just one in 380,000 people.

To support National Star, Mr Arnold staged a five-hour sponsored bounce on the charity’s therapy trampoline.

He promoted the event, convinced staff and fellow students to take part, organised a cake sale, and arranged all the health and safety assessments.

“It was really hard to organise but it was a really good event. I’m proud of what I achieved,” Mr Arnold said.

Gill Henry, head of fundraising at National Star, praised Callum’s efforts.

“National Star would not be able to provide the wonderful facilities without the generous support of donors and people like Callum,” she said.

“It would have taken a great deal of effort for Callum to organise this event and we appreciate all the hard work he put into it. His selflessness to support other young people is truly commendable.”