A CHURCH in Talywain which first opened its doors almost 200 years ago held its final service last week, with the building being forced to close.

Pisgah Baptist Church’s congregation have been forced to leave their spiritual home after the building was deemed to be unsafe.

The congregation, which is usually made up of less than 15 members, were joined by friends from other local churches, and the service was led by Dr Christian Williams from The Baptist Union of Wales in Carmarthen.

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(The final service at Pisgah Baptist Church. Picture: Pamela Watts.)

John Williams, 71, the secretary and treasurer of Pisgah Baptist Church, said: “We had a better turnout than we expected and were delighted.

“Some attended because they came to Sunday school there and others because there their family were connected with the chapel.

“Also we were joined by ministers who take the pulpit during the year.

“Dr Williams took the service and was positive that we were doing the right thing to keep the congregation together.

“One of the members of the congregation, Nerissa Watkins, spoke of how Pisgah came about in the beginning as her dad was a deacon there for many years.

“I am a pensioner now and was put on the cradle roll there as a child.

Free Press Series:

(John Williams speaking at the final service at Pisgah Baptist Church. Picture: Pamela Watts.)

“Friends from other local churches also came along with people coming from Forge Side Baptist Church, Sardis Congregational Church and friends from Viaduct Road Methodist Church, which sadly closed its doors quite recently.

“A big thank-you to everyone who supported us and helped make it so special.”

Despite the closure of the church, the congregation will still be worshipping together.

On Sunday, the Pisgah congregation held its first weekly service at its new home, the Senior Citizens Hall in Church Road, Talywain.