PUPILS at Croesyceiliog School took part in the school’s first Summer Writing Festival.

And the Free Press were there to celebrate with them and publish their excellent work.

The festival aimed to offer new ways to help the students develop their writing, while also acting as a send-off to the school’s old building.

As well as the English department running workshops to help the pupils, local author Mark Dorey, who wrote The Extraordinary Happenings of Peter Oddfellow: The Old Umbrella, delivered a two hour session on story writing.

The English department ran two workshops, one on “Sleepy Hollow” and the other on Personification.

Mrs Sam Dickinson KS3 Coordinator for the English department said, “The idea for the Writing Festival began back in October 2018 after a departmental moderation meeting. After months of planning it was wonderful to finally see Year 8 and 9 pupils enjoying writing outside of a “normal” English lesson. I really hope that this event will become an annual event. I would like to thank all the staff who supported the event and in particular the English department for running the workshops. I would also like to thank Kier for part funding the event and last but not least I’d like to thank our local Asda store in Cwmbran for supplying us with stationery for the event.”

Mrs Wilkie, Head of English said, “With the support of the whole department and the organisation led by Mrs Dickinson the event was a huge success. We hope we have inspired pupils to write creatively, imaginatively and for enjoyment.”

Mrs Kent the current Head of Year 11 wrote: “I just wanted to say what a pleasure it has been to work with the following year 9 groups during the writing festival: 9SE, 9JP and 9SD. They listened respectfully and produced fantastic pieces of suspense writing for the Sleepy Hollow Workshop.”

Mrs Mahoney, English teacher said, “ It was a joy to see pupils writing for fun. The event was inspirational and motivational; I’ve never seen Year 8 so engaged.”

Here are some examples of the creative writing by pupils at the school:

Mason Evans 8SMU

The old school is like a carer who has raised many generations. It has stood for decades taking in, and throwing out many different faces. It can remember you, your parents and even your grandparents’ faces. It has taken in failures and thrown out celebrities. It is old, graffiti covered and dilapidated but it is just like an old person, full of wisdom and knowledge, it has its ups and downs. It’s like a military soldier, it has served its duty and now we must show it respect or its services. The school has its iconic clock tower shining like a beam of inspiration and motivation.

Nicole Pike 8CJ

The old, bruised and broken building sat dishevelled and broken as it watched the new building increase by the days.

Sagging ceiling tiles, tired and worn out wooden steps, broken windows and crumbling walls surround the pupils as they work

Smiling down on the pupils, the new school gets ready to welcome the pupils in. Bursts of joy and excitement break out amongst the students as they watch the building rise in all its eye-catching glory. Pupils are blown away at how breath-taking the new school is and how it is nearly complete.

Standing tall and proud the new building sits patiently for the new pupils to arrive with fascinating thoughts about how well presented the school looks. Excited pupils rush into fresh, spacious building with widened looks of shock across their faces.

Seren Wilkie 8JL

Over the last 60 years I’ve been a second home to thousands of pupils. I’m ever so tired and warn out. I’ve said hello and goodbye to too many people. The ceilings and walls are wrapped in graffiti; you can hardly see them anymore. I’m fed up of looking down at the fresh, modern, breath-taking new school that is soon going to take my place. Everyone just thinks I’m this weather-beaten old building sat here dishevelled and broken. I know that my life is coming to an end.

Grace Fotheringham 8MI

The clock tower peered over at the new school and tittered, it has everything, it’s modern, picturesque and fresh. The old school was jealous but no matter how amazing the new school is there was one thing that the school didn’t have. Memories: good ones, bad ones, old ones, new ones. The old school smiled and remembered all the water balloons that were dropped, lessons that were learnt, friendships that were made and friendships that were lost. The walls had secrets and the windows had seen everything, happy or sad. The school shed a tear as the pupils left for the last time.

Hayley Walding 8MI

Generations and generations of people have completed GCSEs in this dusty hallway, screaming to get rid of its bruised and broken self. The West Hall full of memories cried out for it’s last breath. The homely school capitalizing in a deafening hum, almost silence. The old desks used to a maximum complaining about getting its graffiti covered surfaces removed. The walls of the dilapidated school sweated as the iconic blue seats sat in lines. The English department classrooms quaint, hiding the damp underlay of the memorable puddle that danced on the floor from the dank ceiling letting rain in. Some glass smashed confused on how to feel about the untimely students. The stairway was always crowded as people trod along and the comfortable silence always happy to see everyone.

It’s sad to see the broken down school go but for now it happily stares at the fresh building wondering how it’ll be treated by loved students.

Holly Gough 8SMY

Things are quietening down. The lights are shutting off; I can hear the clicking of the electricity running through my veins. Soon enough my reign will come to an end, as will the echoing of the footsteps and the laughter and memories, I will store these in my bricks; the bones of the school.

I was once a safe place for those children who had no comfort and I look upon this new building scared that it won’t understand the children as I do. My history shall be remembered in the grounds where I once stood upon. It’s sad to see me go, but I wish you all the best in the new place you will now call home.

Kiara Challenger 8MI

The school wept as the students left its grasp. The dimly lit doors closed for the last time. They frowned and thought back on all the memories. Over time, the rooves and walls have warped, leaving the generations with no physical memory of it being young and new. The old school looked at the new one, not with resentment and jealousy but with admiration. The school used to scream but now only silence echoed through its empty halls. The desks led against the graffiti filled walls.

The new school peered at the old one. It laughed mockingly. The school smiled, it may not have the memories but it can make more it thought. The students entered it, beaming smiles. The schools looked at one another, the one with pain and the other with happiness.

Natalie Pike 8CJ

Obviously, it’s no joke that we need to leave this school and go on to a more exquisite and modern school. This school does have some minor problems and needs sorting. I feel that it is time to move on from this building and move on to our more modern, eye catching school.

It’s no lie that this school will be missed. It’s been here for about 60 years but now we are going on to this fascinating school which stands tall, whilst sitting there from a distance waiting for students to arrive. Our old school is and feels like home although, it is quite damp and smashed. Some classrooms don’t get used. Also as you walk around, buildings have got graffiti on it. I feel that moving will do for the greater good. The new school is going to solve all the problems that were in this school. I am happy to say that I am going to this new school, even though this old place feels like home to some. We can create new memories in the new school.

Zoe Chesterman 8CJ

The weather beaten aged building stood used and crowded. Inside filled with iconic and memorable moments for everyone. In toilet stalls and under stairs its body misused and graffiti covered. Groaning floorboards bruised and dented. The once pearly lift not so sparkly anymore, tired after many years of endless work. The frail walls tell loveable stories from moons ago. The white boards tattooed from many years of use. The grounds tell stories of many outrageous fights.

Standing tall and proud the new building shows off to the loveable broken-hearted old one. It stands high and smug proving it is superior to others. The unique and modern building grabs the attention of many. Its young and spacious classrooms having pupils bursting with excitement. It is clear in years to come this picturesque school will gleam proudly and tell of its students many adventures.