VANDALS who snapped several young trees in Lion Street, Abergavenny, have been condemned for their “disgusting” and “mindless” actions.

Two trees planted along the pavement were destroyed this week.

In the past few months, several more trees in Bailey Park were also targeted by vandals.

Matt Lane, an Abergavenny resident and member of the town’s Round Table organisation, shared photographs of the Lion Street damage online, where they were met with outrage.


“It just winds you up – what do people get out of doing it?” Mr Lane said. “People are doing nice things, but this is making the town worse.”

The Round Table had bought a replacement tree for the Friends of Bailey Park group, Mr Lane said, after one of the park’s trees had been broken at the trunk.

The replacement tree was planted in early March, but exactly two months later that tree had also been destroyed in an almost identical act of vandalism.

When Mr Lane shared the photographs of the broken trees, other Abergavenny residents called the act “mindless” and “heartbreaking”.

Monmouthshire County Council and Gwent Police have been contacted for comment.