LLANCAYO Mill was built over 200 years ago around 1813 and according to contemporary tithe maps, belonged to Edward Berry.

It was a fully functioning windmill for about 20 to 30 years and then was apparently destroyed by fire.

For over a century the mill became a landmark ruin, site of picnics and a curious research topic for historians.

During the 1960s, Fred Hando wrote: “Of the varied stories given, the most probable tells how on a still summer morning the miller went to market leaving its sweeps coupled to the gearing.

“A sudden fierce wind sent the coupling red-hot and the brakes ignited the timber and the mill was a flaming torch before the miller returned.”

After nearly 150 years, the mill was fully restored by its owners in and it is now a luxury holiday home.

Nostalgia is provided by Torfaen Museum.