GOT it, got it, need it. That will be the call going out in the Sainsbury's store in Cwmbran this weekend, as the store opens it's doors as a 'swap shop' for Disney Heroes Collector Cards.

Throughout the summer, children have been collecting the cards in-store, but, with the collection no longer available, the in-store swap shop gives them a chance to complete their collections.

The Disney Heroes collection brings Disney, Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel heroes together. As well as an exclusive collectors’ album, 144 cards based on characters from the stories are available.



Based around the theme of ‘unlock the hero in you’, the album and cards are packed full of facts, games and challenges – ranging from Eating Well, Getting Active and Being Smart to Expressing Yourself, Doing Good and Teaming Up.

Each challenge is associated with a different Disney Hero – from Marvel’s Incredible Hulk helping children to eat well and Pixar’s The Incredibles showing how you can get active.

The swap shop will take place in the cafe in Sainsbury's Cwmbran on Saturday, October 5, and the following day, from 7am to 7pm.

Mark Given, chief marketing officer for Sainsbury’s said: “This summer we’ve seen children get really excited for the Disney Heroes collectors’ cards and album.

“Now that the partnership is coming to an end, we’ve become aware that there are still lots of kids hoping to complete their collection, which is why we’ve launched ‘swap shops’ in over 300 stores across the UK – including more than eight stores in Wales.

"Giving little collectors one last chance to trade with friends and hopefully get them all.”