CWMBRAN man who is known for growing giant vegetables has partnered with Vauxhall Motor’s to create the UK’s biggest fruit and veg stall.

Having recently secured the world record for the ‘Heaviest Beetroot’, Kevin Fortey brought his unique knowledge from Cwmbran to Essex to create a one-off stall at the prestigious ‘Taste of Autumn’ show at RHS Garden Hyde Hall.

Kevin is the son of Mike Fortey, pioneer and grandfather of the giant veg movement in the UK. Kevin has been fine-tuning and growing his technique since the age of four, when his dad first offered him a space in the garden to begin growing for himself.

From the creation of the British National Pumpkin Championships in the Mill Tavern Public House in the 1980s, to helping advance the art of giant veg across the UK and eventually passing these skills on to his children who are now considered amongst the best growers in the world.

Free Press Series:

(Giant veg grower Kevin Fortey next to the UK's biggest fruit and veg stall)

Free Press Series:

(Mr Fortey chatting with a stall visitor)

"The giant veg stall is our way of celebrating the hard work of giant veg growers and other small businesses around the UK," said Kevin.


“Transportation is key in the giant veg growing community. After growing these beauties for up to 10 months, you need to be able to get them from A to B safely and securely.”

Kevin is a three-time world record holder. His previous Guinness World Records include a 2-metre long radish and a 348g chili.

Free Press Series:

The show marks the last date in the giant veg season, making it the only place for such a large exhibition of prodigious produce to be brought together. The stall itself showcases awe-inspiring fruit and vegetables, from 4ft marrows, to mammoth 3ft pumpkins.