A BARCLAYS bank decision to stop letting its customers withdraw cash in post offices has prompted an angry reaction from local politicians.

David Davies (Monmouth) and Jessica Morden (Newport East) are among more than 100 MPs who have called on the banking giant to reverse its decision.

In a joint letter to Barclays boss Jes Staley, the MPs raised concerns the bank’s decision would impact the “poorest communities hardest” and warned Barclays not to “abandon the communities that had sustained them for decades.”

Pointing to statistics showing that more than 3,000 banks – at least 481 of which were Barclays branches – had closed across the UK since 2015, the MPs said many customers had been relying on their local post office as a place to withdraw money. The change is due to come into effect in January 2020.

Responding to criticism over the post office plans, Adam Rowse, managing director of branch-based banking at Barclays, said the bank would be launching a “cash-back offering” in conjunction with traders, allowing customers to withdraw money while shopping.

“Our commitment means none of our customers will be without access to cash,” he added.

But Mr Davies, who last year criticised Barclays for closing down its Usk branch, said the bank’s post office plans would “make life incredibly difficult for many people”.

“The decision will hit rural communities especially hard. Already bank branches are closing and cash machines are disappearing, the Post Office was the last resort for some customers who need cash,” he added.

Ms Morden called on Westminster to consider the Welsh Government’s proposals for regulation of the banking sector “to ensure that these vital services are always readily available to customers and local businesses”.

Monmouth AM Nick Ramsay has also voiced concerns about Barclays post office decision.

Some of his constituents, he said, already relied on their local post office to withdraw money from the Barclays accounts.

“Some face a long journey to a Barclays branch or free cash machine they could use,” Mr Ramsay added.

“They are telling me that if the decision is not reversed they will be closing their Barclays account and banking elsewhere.”