A GROUP assembled to help alleviate traffic issues in Chepstow has criticised plans for white line road markings in the town, saying the plans do not go far enough.

The Welsh Government announced recently that work to tackle traffic issues at Highbeech Roundabout on the A48 – a notorious bottleneck – will get underway from March 23.

Plans for white line marking on approach to the roundabout will begin next Monday and should be completed by Monday, March 30.

The Welsh Government has said the work is being done to improve road safety and address congestion in Chepstow, and at a meeting in January the government and the council agreed short term solutions were needed.

Transition Chepstow co-ordinator Tim Melville spoke of his support for the work last week, but has said that more needs to be done.

“We are very concerned that the extent of the proposed white line lane work does not meet the minimum requirement to help alleviate the horrendous congestion and associated air pollution that Chepstow commuters and motorists suffer daily,” Mr Melville said.

“We are confident, however, that the Welsh Government will complete this work in a manner which was agreed at the meeting in January.”

A statement released by Transition Chepstow on Monday reads: “Examination of the available details of the authority’s road work plan by Transition Chepstow, has led to serious reservations.  

“The works would appear to be a severely limited and only partial implementation of the required multi-access road markings, as they show works only on the A48 westward access from Newport Road and on Fairview. 

“For both consistency and maximum beneficial effect, the A48 eastward access road from Pwllmeyric - and especially the A466 southward access road from Monmouth, would need to be included as per the original rational Transition Chepstow proposed plan.

“Consequently, we are seeking urgent consultation with the Council and the Welsh Government representatives to fully address our pressing concerns about the pending incomplete implementation scheme.”

As of Monday, March 23, the alternative route for traffic going westbound will be via Bulwark Road, Thornwell Road, and northbound via the A466 Wye Valley Link Road.

The alternative route for all traffic wishing to exit the roundabout southbound will be eastbound on the A48 Newport Road.