A NURSE was subjected to a “campaign of domestic abuse” by her violent partner who headbutted and bit her before slamming a car door on her.

Convicted killer Thomas Davies, 49, of no fixed abode, Pontypool, was jailed after a judge said to him “you beat your victim black and blue”.

Prosecutor Nicholas Gedge told Cardiff Crown Court how the defendant had a previous conviction for battery against the nurse from 2017.

He said Davies continued to physically abuse her over a 10-month period after that and he suffered from “delusions and accused her of being unfaithful”.


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Mr Gedge told Judge Jeremy Jenkins: “The first incident occurred on December 1, 2018 when he committed actual bodily harm when he slapped her to the head causing her nose to bleed.

“She had been to a works party in Pontypool.”

Davies than attacked her in the car park of the Asda supermarket in the Pill area of Newport last summer.

Mr Gedge said: “He struck her to the face again and she describes the blow as almost causing her nose to explode.”

On September 2019, Davies assaulted his victim after accusing her of seeing other men.

Mr Gedge told the court: “He headbutted her three times with force to the back of her head. “She described it as being extremely painful and she felt a lump.”

Later that month he gave her a black eye after striking her to the face again.

In the final incident, Mr Gedge said: “He pulled her hair, bit her ear and ripped her jumper.

“He then slammed her left arm in a car door.”

The court heard how the defendant was suffering with mental health problems.

At one point he was convinced he was being followed when he and the woman were driving in a car together.

He told her to jot down the number plates of vehicles travelling behind them.

Davies pleaded guilty to five counts of actual bodily harm and one of common assault.

As well as the battery committed three years ago, the defendant also has a previous conviction for manslaughter from 1993.

The details of that case were not revealed in court.

Stephen Thomas, representing Davies, said his client’s best mitigation was his guilty pleas.

His barrister added: “These were short bursts of inexplicable violence”.

Judge Jenkins told Davies: “You subjected your victim to a campaign of violence. You headbutted, slapped and bit your partner causing various injuries to her body, including bruising, bleeding and swelling.

“You also slammed a car door on her arm. You quite literally beat her black and blue.”

Davies was jailed for three years and six months.

He was also made the subject of a restraining order and must pay a surcharge upon his release from prison.