AN ABERGAVENNY charity has cut a giant sign into bracken on, Bryn Arw, in the Black Mountains.

Bryn Arw is a big hill in the shadow of the Sugar Loaf, near Abergavenny in the Black Mountains on the eastern edge of the Brecon Beacons National Park.

In recent weeks, a 300-metre-long message has emerged on the bracken covered hillside, to the wonder of walkers, motorists, and train passengers.

Stump Up for Trees is a developing charity in Abergavenny focused on woodland creation and improving biodiversity in the area. They are planting one million trees on steep bracken banks and marginal agricultural land, using innovative public-private funding initiatives.

The tree planning initiative was started by Keith Powell, a seventh generation Black Mountains farmer and vet. It has been four years in development and is funded by the Welsh Government through the Glastir Woodland Creation Scheme.

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(‘Daw eto ddail ar fryn’ is Welsh for ‘There will be leaves on the mountain again')

Mr Powell has been cutting the bracken on the steep slopes of Bryn Arw with a walk-up mower.

He has calculated that cutting the entire 75-hectare site involves a 400 km walk. Local author, broadcaster and woodsman, Robert Penn has been fine tuning the letters with a scythe. Mr Powell and Mr Penn founded Stump Up For Trees together.


The letter cutting project has been co-ordinated by Welsh artist, Mick Petts, who has spent many years creating large scale public artworks from natural materials.

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(The words reference an uplifting line of poetry made popular across Wales during lockdown)

“Bryn Awr gives us a massive billboard to help us get the planning message out there," he said.

“Wales is leading the world with the first Future Generations Act, and it follows that we should also be leading in environmental action.

“It’s time to get practical and redress the huge and embarrassing lack of tree planning in Wales”.

Next winter, around 140,000 native broadleaf trees will be planted with schools and community groups taking part. The objective is to create a native woodland that will create a habitat for wildlife for decades to come.

If you would like to donate to Stump Up For Trees, head to

The cost of planting one tree and, crucially, caring for it for 12 years to ensure it becomes established, is £4.50.

If you would like to volunteer, and help plant trees, please visit the website