FLOOD warnings remain in place along parts of the River Usk, while flood alerts are also in force on the River Wye and Monnow.

Natural Resources Wales have issued two flood warnings and three flood alerts across Gwent.

The flood warnings are in place along the Usk between Glangrwyne and Newbridge on Usk, and Brecon and Glangrwyne.

Natural Resources Wales say: "A peak level of 3.7 metres occurred at 4am yesterday.

"The level at Abergavenny was 3.5 metres and falling. A peak level of 4.9 metres occurred just after midday yesterday.

"The level at Usk Town was 3.5 metres and falling. A peak level of 4.4 metres occurred at 6.15pm yesterday.


"River levels are expected to remain high following further rainfall today, but further warnings are not expected to be required."

NRW have also issued flood alerts for the River Usk in Monmouthshire and Newport.

While the Rivers Wye and Monnow in Monmouthshire and Newport have also been subject to a flood alert.

They said: "At 6.00am, the level at Ross-on-Wye was 3.9 metres and rising.

"The level at Monmouth was 4.2 metres and steady. The rowing club underpass gates have been closed."