A DOG groomer who was caught with pepper spray after police raided her business was ordered to pay nearly £1,000 by a court.

“Successful” entrepreneur Carly Steed, 31, of Newport Road, New Inn, Pontypool, appeared for sentence after she admitted possessing a prohibited weapon.

Tom Roberts, prosecuting, said the pepper spray was found by officers in February 2020.

He told Cardiff Crown Court: “They found an American style NATO pepper spray cannister.

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“It could cause acute stinging of the eyes and nose.

“The defendant said an electrician working at her business had found it and given it to her.”

Nick Barraclough, representing the defendant, said his client, who had a dog grooming business, was a woman with no previous convictions.

He asked the court to take into account her guilty plea.

Her lawyer said Steed was taking home £400 to £500 a week “when things are going well”.

The judge, Recorder Greg Bull QC, said: “The possession of a weapon like this is a serious crime.

“It has the potential to cause great harm to people on who it is used.

“I accept that this cannister was found by an electrician as he was doing renovations and that he handed it to you and you put aside and forgot about it.”

Referring to the defendant as a “successful business person” he said he was prepared to punish Steed with financial penalties.

She was fined £500 and ordered to pay £425 towards prosecution costs and a statutory £50 victim surcharge.

The judge ordered the forfeiture and destruction of the pepper spray.