AN emotional Peter Fox has closed a “huge chapter” in his life after stepping down as leader of Monmouthshire council after 13 years.

Cllr Fox has been a Monmouthshire county councillor for more than 20 years and leader for 13, but he stepped down on Thursday following his election to the Senedd last week.

Speaking about time as leader of the council Cllr Fox said: “This is a day that I’ve been dreading as it closes a huge chapter in my life.

“A time I’ve enjoyed every minute of actually and I’m glad in a way that I’ve had to occupy my mind somewhere else for the last couple of days because I’ve been anxious about today.”

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Cllr Fox said it felt “a bit final” but, would remain as a councillor for the next 12 months until the council elections in May 2022.

Talking about his first memories of his time as a county councillor, Cllr Fox said: “It all started in November 1997, I was elected in a by-election, hadn’t got a clue what I was doing.

“I was just a farmer.

“I didn’t think then what lay ahead of me or what I might do.”

The former leader of the council was elected to the role in 2008 in the May annual general meeting.

He described it as “the biggest day” and it was “a huge privilege to be leader”.

He said: “It’s always been a privilege every year.

“I’ve never taken the job for granted.

“I’ve worked with some of the most brilliant people over the years.”

Cllr Fox thanked all the councillors past and present and praised the newly elected leader of the council Cllr Richard John.

He also singled out the deputy leader Cllr Bob Greenland and the cabinet member for resources Cllr Phil Murphy.

“I couldn’t have led this in the way I have without their huge support, their dedication, their friendship and their professionalism and I thank both of them most sincerely,” he said.

“I’ve been blessed with having the support of a marvellous group and that’s been consistent for many years.”