CALDICOT was the epicentre of a small earthquake this afternoon.

The British Geological Survey recorded the 2.9 magnitude earthquake at 3.15pm in Caldicot, with people in Monmouth, Chepstow and as far as Bristol feeling the effects. It is said the earthquake occurred 9km under the ground.

Residents in the areas described their houses shaking, windows rattling and TV’s vibrating, with some saying their initial thoughts were that a car may have hit their property. Residents were thankful it was all over in a second.


A number of small earthquakes were felt across Wales over the past few years, with epicentres in places like Newbridge, Swansea and further afield.

Residents in Caldicot also felt the aftershocks of an earthquake back in 2008 when a 5.3 magnitude earthquake hit Lincolnshire at 1am in February of that year. The 10-second tremor on England’s east coast was felt across most parts of Wales.