A CHEPSTOW author whose anti-Donald Trump book was top of its section on Goodreads has now turned his hand to erotic fiction with a book he describes as like "Fifty Shades of Grey for the lower Wye Valley".

Adam Nicke, 53, reached number one in the list of best anti-Trump books on Goodreads for his satirical take on the president’s time in office Mallard the Quack.

He even outstripped such texts as Fire and Fury and Power in the Age of Lies.

His latest book, Immortal Seduction, strikes a slightly different tone.

It is, Mr Nicke says, "a timeslip story, set in Chepstow and Brockweir, that becomes an erotic tale of lust and passion".

And it has been a long time coming.

Inspiration for the book first arose when Mr Nicke happened upon an abandoned cottage near Brockweir.

"It had no lanes within a 15 minute walk of it and the only paths that lead to it are overgrown," he said.

"It set my imagination on fire, wondering why it had been abandoned and who might have once lived there."


The house became central to the book, with the story's main female character catapulted back through time.

After visiting the cottage she ends up in 19th Century Brockweir.

Then came coronavirus and lockdown.

"Things went a bit pear-shaped," said Mr Nicke.

However, he quickly rose to the challenge, finishing off the book.

Aside from being interested in the physics of timeslips, Mr Nicke says that Immortal Seduction is a "steamy" read - such as to rival Fifty Shades of Grey.

However, unlike Fifty Shades, he says his book "is not brutal or abusive".

"It's equally as steamy," he said.

"But, the characters are in love."

He also stressed that the book was "not for children".

Despite receiving inspiration some time ago, Mr Nicke said that the end point came fairly quickly.

"It's like I'm watching a film in my head and just jotting down notes," he said.

"I wrote for about two months, on A4 with a pencil."

In September 2015 a friend found Mr Nicke collapsed on his kitchen floor after he suffered a seizure. He was rushed to hospital for an operation on a six-centimetre brain tumour.

He said after 20 years of struggling for motivation, his operation on the tumour which had grown for more than 20 years – gave him a new lease of life.

Immortal Seduction is available to get your hands on now via Amazon.