THESE five men and one woman were recently handed prison sentences for offences like money laundering, theft, possession of a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence and causing grievous bodily harm.

We look at their crimes and punishment.

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Free Press Series:

Durim Mytro

Free Press Series:

Geni Dragjoshi

Albanian criminals Durim Mytro and Geni Dragjoshi were caught with £18,000 at a Monmouthshire service station after they had travelled from Birmingham to South Wales to pick up drug money.

The pair were hired by gangsters as couriers and arrested in Raglan on the A40.

The duo were convicted of money laundering following a trial.

At Cardiff Crown Court, Mytro, 48, of Caversham Road, Birmingham, and Dragjoshi, 34, of Gomer Street, Willenhall, Walsall, were both sent to prison for 12 months.

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Free Press Series:

Gavin Thomas

A man with a history of violence left his victim with a punctured lung after attacking him on the roof of a car dealership.

Gavin Thomas, 30, was jailed following his guilty plea to causing Lee Anthony Yhnell grievous bodily harm on Ebbw Vale’s Beaufort Road.

He was sent to prison for 30 months.

Thomas, of Tredegar Road, Ebbw Vale, had previous convictions for GBH, causing actual bodily harm, battery and witness intimidation.

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Free Press Series:

Matthew Greaves

Gunman Matthew Greaves brought terror to a Gwent town when he brandished an air rifle, shot it into the air and threatened to kill his neighbours.

A policeman fled in terror when he was confronted by the gun-toting Matthew Greaves before an armed unit were deployed to Abertillery.

Following a tense stand-off with firearms officers which lasted 90 minutes, the defendant surrendered.

Greaves, 43, was jailed for more than six years.

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Free Press Series:

Andrei Dumittru-Cristian

Free Press Series:

Oana-Raluca Nica

Two Romanian thieves targeted an elderly couple and stole their life savings in a busy shopping centre.

Andrei Dumittru-Cristian and his partner Oana-Raluca Nica followed their victims after they had just withdrawn thousands in cash from inside Barclays Bank in Cwmbran.

They distracted the pair, who are in their 70s, when they were in Home Bargains in Gwent Square before stealing £5,000 from the woman’s handbag.

Dumittru-Cristian, 36, and Nica, 35, both of Roxeth Green Avenue, Harrow, Greater London, pleaded guilty to theft.

Dumittru-Cristian was jailed for 27 months and Nica for six months.