FOCUS should now turn to traffic bottlenecks in Chepstow following the news that new roadbuilding projects - such as the oft-discussed town bypass - would be frozen by the Welsh Government.

This is the view of sustainable transport group Transition Chepstow, who have highlighted High Beech roundabout - known locally as Larkfield roundabout - as one of the main culprits.

Peter Evans, group spokesperson, said: "What is surely needed instead of more pie in the sky, is committed active action now, particularly to ameliorate the horrendous congestion associated with the High Beech roundabout bottleneck."

He noted that it had been two years since Transition Chepstow hosted the first of two public meetings on the issue.

Since 2019, Mr Evans said that the only action undertaken has been the "partial half-a-job implementation of the necessary dual white-lined access lanes of the A48 Westwards and Fairview roads".

However, he says that similar makings for the A48 eastwards and A466 southwards remain unfinished.

He said that public money, spent on resurfacing the roundabout road, a project which he branded "of dubious necessity, contributing nothing to resolving the notorious traffic congestion", would have been better used completing road markings.

A Welsh Government spokesperson said in response to Transition Chepstow's claims: "All road programmes and projects that we fund, except those under construction, are potentially in scope under the roads review. The schemes affected will be confirmed by the review panel in due course.”

“We have implemented improved road markings as a short-term measure at High Beech roundabout whilst longer term options are being considered.”