A CHEPSTOW art gallery will feature the work of a highly acclaimed artist in what is being described as a "coup" for the town.

7Q gallery will be displaying work from the late George Weissbort and Rebecca Weissbort who started painting again after her husband's death.

Weissbort's work is highly acclaimed, with renowned art critic Brian Sewell holding him in high regard.

His works are represented by Messums Gallery in Mayfair and now the ‘Tate of Chepstow’ has an amazing opportunity to witness and buy his art and thanks to the generosity of his wife, the art work is accessible to everyone.

Ms Weissbort has a long background in art having trained with some of the world's best colourists in Switzerland.

For years, her art took a back seat to George’s, because Ms Weissbort dedicated herself to managing an environment in which George could paint, sometimes up to 14 hours a day and every single day.

The Weissbort exhibition will be available to view at Chepstow's 7Q from July 3 to July 11 from 11am until 5pm.