INTEREST in Monmouthshire properties has more than doubled over the last year.

Recent house sale enquiry data, released by We Buy Any Home, reveals interest in homes in Monmouthshire has risen by 111 per cent.

That is the biggest rise in Wales, and well above the national rate of increase of 5.28 per cent.

Elsewhere in Gwent, interest in Torfaen homes has risen by 65 per cent, and by 61 per cent in Caerphilly.

There was a slight eight per cent increase in Blaenau Gwent, but there was no change at all in Newport.

Despite the pandemic’s effect on the country’s economy and employment rate, the stamp duty holiday and rise of remote working have given Brits a better chance at uprooting and selling their homes.

Analysing the last four years’ worth of house sale enquiries, UK’s leading home buying company We Buy Any Home have shared regional trends and the most common reasons why people are selling in Wales.

The rate of change has varied wildly across the different UK nations. In 2018-2021, Wales saw a net four per cent decrease in house sale enquiries, whereas in the last year, the nation has seen an uptake in enquiries by five per cent.

In the UK overall, a desire to ‘upsize’ was the biggest driving factor behind a quick sale, and represented 18 per cent of enquiries.


However the reason homeowners in Wales cited most when looking for a quick house sale was sale of a second home, suggesting that mitigating unnecessary costs has become a priority over the last few years.

This was the full breakdown in Wales:

  • Selling second home - 17.73 per cent
  • Other - 15.11 per cent
  • Upsizing - 14.86 per cent
  • Downsizing - 9.11 per cent
  • Retiring - 8.87 per cent
  • Inheritance - 8.05 per cent
  • Dream house - 7.80 per cent
  • Moving/relocating - 7.47 per cent
  • Divorce/break-up - 4.68 per cent
  • Financial difficulties - 4.02 per cent
  • Chainbreak - 2.30 per cent