CALLS have been made from residents and elected officials alike to lower the speed limit on parts of the A48 between Newport and Chepstow.

Senedd member John Griffiths is supporting calls from locals and road safety campaigners to lower the limit on sections of the road.

Mr Griffiths recently met with Dr Julian Smith, a Llandevaud resident, whose daughter Rhiannon was killed in an accident on the A48 close to where she lived in 2017.

Since, Dr Smith has campaigned tirelessly for safer speed limits. Two years ago, he and his wife Gill organised a Wales-wide road safety conference in their daughter's memory at Newport's Celtic Manor.


Mr Griffiths said: “The speed of traffic on the A48 between Newport and Chepstow has always been a worry – especially for the residents who live in the villages and hamlets situated along this stretch of road.

“I know steps have been taken by the city council, including the recent installation of Vehicle Activated Speed signs.

"That is a testament to Julian and other local residents who have tirelessly campaigned on these issues. However, I think there is a strong case to lowering the speed limits on parts of the road which are currently 50 and 40 and make them 40 and 30 respectively.

“What happened to Rhiannon was desperately sad – and we must never want to see that happen or another family have to go through that again. I have and will continue to raise the issues with Welsh Government and Newport City Council because it is in all our interests to make our roads safer.”

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Dr Smith said: “Excess speeds are a danger to road users, especially in rural areas. Drivers on the A48 are often unaware of other road users trying to gain access from minor roads.

"These junctions are extremely dangerous, and it is essential that risk of collisions is reduced by the enforcement of slower speed limits.”