A PUPPY had to have its leg amputated after being attacked in the street by another dog in Cwmbran.

The pup - cocker spaniel Rex - was walking with his owner, Louise Barlow, 27, her three-year-old daughter Daisy-Rae, and the other family dog, Chase, in the Northville area of the town last month when another dog leapt over a wall and attacked him.

Miss Barlow, 27, said: “I wasn’t sure who the dog was going for, so obviously I pushed my little girl out of the way and I managed to get Chase.

“I wasn’t quick enough to get both dogs and the attacking dog latched onto Rex’s leg until people came out and got the dog away.

“It all happened so quickly, it was all a blur to be totally honest.

“We took Rex to the vets and they said that it didn't look good.

“They thought that they would be able to mend the leg, but they took him down, sedated him, had a good look at it turns out there was multiple fractures and an infection.

“The best thing and the nicest thing to do was to amputate the leg.”

Free Press Series: The dog bit Rex so hard that it fractured the bones in his legThe dog bit Rex so hard that it fractured the bones in his leg

Miss Barlow was hit with a £2,000 bill after the ordeal and has had to take time off from work due to the trauma of the incident.

She was also mildly injured in the attack on July 25, and said her mental health has suffered.

“I'd be distraught if anyone had to go through that because that was the worst experience of my life,” said Miss Barlow.

“My daughter had nightmares for days after, she kept waking up saying ‘mummy no, mummy no!’.

“When Rex came home, obviously my little girl was a lot better, but she was still not sleeping great.

“She was still waking up every couple of days, but she seems to be a lot better now.

“It's me struggling now - I can't even walk my dogs, I can't take them out, I can't leave my house with my dogs, because I'm too scared."

Miss Barlow said the owner of the dog that attacked Rex had offered to pay towards the vet bills. She added she did not blame the other dog's owner.

Rex is reportedly adjusting well to missing his front right leg and is enjoying being back home amongst the wide variety of pets that Miss Barlow owns.

His wound has almost entirely healed over and he does not appear to be overly shaken by the attack.