THESE are the areas of Monmouthshire which have seen the highest number of crimes reported in one month.

The latest figures from Data.Police.UK has revealed the top hotspots for crime in July across Monmouthshire.

The data shows out of the 5,209 crimes recorded by Gwent Police, the most reported type of crime was crime classified as 'violence and sexual offences' with 1,821 incidents.

While anti-social behaviour accounted for the second most reports, with Gwent Police receiving 1,348 calls.

Of the more than 5,000 crimes recorded across Gwent, 540 were in Monmouthshire.

The latest figures show data from July.

The Free Press has analysed this data and identified the areas across Monmouthshire that have seen the highest number of crime.

Here are the top three areas in across the county with the most crime reported between July 1 and July 31.

The data provided is the approximate location of a crime, not the exact place that it occurred due to location anonymisation.

1. Heol Glaslyn, Caldicot

Seven crimes classed as violence and sexual offences were recorded by Gwent Police in the area around Heol Glaslyn.

The street saw more crime than anywhere else in Monmouthshire in July, including a public order offence.

There were also two incidents classified as other crime.

2. Rother Avenue, Abergavenny

Gwent Police recorded eight crimes on or near Rother Avenue in July.

Three were classed as violence and sexual offences, while there were also three anti-social behaviour incidents.

Two public order offences were also dealt with by officers.

3. Cinderhill Street, Monmouth

The majority of crimes recorded on or near Cinderhill Street in July were classed as violence and sexual offences.

Five of the eight incidents were recorded in such a way by Gwent Police.

There was also one incident of anti-social behaviour, a public order offence and an incident of vehicle crime.