THE work of a Monmouth charity which fights to highlight the importance of bees has been branded "terrific".

Bees for Development promotes sustainable beekeeping to combat poverty across the world, build resilient livelihoods and benefit biodiversity.

Dr Nicola Bradbear, director of the charity, said: “Bees are pivotal to life on earth and we at Bees for Development are doing all we can to highlight their significance.

“After all, around one-third of our food relies on pollination, largely by bees.

“I encourage you all to learn more about bees by visiting our website - and support our work by visiting our shop here in Monmouth and online.”


Peter Fox, member of the Senedd for the Monmouth constituency, visited the Bees for Development charity to help raise awareness of the immense importance of bees.

Mr Fox said: “Pollinators, especially bees, play an instrumental role in our environment and food production because they pollinate food crops and wild plants.

“But, for far too long people have taken bees for granted and, along with climate change, there is tremendous loss of biodiversity, and bees are now under threat.

“I commend the terrific work of Dr Nicola Bradbear and her staff at Bees for Development for highlighting the plight of bees, as well as promoting beekeeping to tackle global poverty.”