COLLEGE pupils in Gwent face "dire consequences" for the future in education after courses were suspended due to physical risk.

The was the view of Monmouth MS Peter Fox, speaking after Coleg Gwent warned it may have to suspend courses which carry any physical risk—such as sport - following an incident where one of its pupils was left waiting for nine hours for an ambulance.

The Principal of the Coleg Gwent, Guy Lacey, has since warned that if medical help cannot be guaranteed, then many courses will not pass a risk assessment.

Mr Lacey said: “Coleg Gwent rightly prides itself on its wide variety of popular and practical vocational courses.

“But, following a recent accident, where a learner, who had a suspected spinal injury, was left waiting for an ambulance for nine hours, we’ve been left with no option but to re-evaluate some of our practical activities.

“The safety of our students is paramount.
"But, in the same breath, if a swift medical emergency response cannot be guaranteed, then unfortunately many courses will potentially have practical activities that will not pass our vigorous risk assessments.

“This would be a huge blow to our students' learning experience, and I sincerely hope it can be prevented.”


Mr Fox said that pupils’ futures will be thrown into doubt, if colleges across Wales are left with no option but to pull courses.

Mr Fox, who recently met with Mr Lacey, said: “This is a deeply worrying situation and one which could have dire consequences for our young people.

“It is clear that the only way vitally important courses will be retained is if the ambulance waiting times are tackled once and for all.”