A MUSIC store which has become a Chepstow institution is celebrating 30 years in the town.

Hannah's Music, on Moor Street, has been providing instruments, supplies, rehearsal space and expertise since opening in 1991.

The shop was opened in memory of owner Carol Mutlow's daughter Hannah, who lost her life to cystic fibrosis just before her 17th birthday.

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"Hannah loved music, she was a very talented pianist who began teaching the piano to others at age 14," Ms Mutlow said.

"We often discussed how much we needed a music shop in town, as when she needed to get music books for her pupils, it was always a trip to Newport or Cardiff to do so.

"I looked into opening a shop for her a few years before she passed away, I even went to see my bank manager for his opinion, but as I didn't know anything about running a business or very little of the music trade, he advised me against it."

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After Hannah passed away, Ms Mutlow said that a part of her went with her.

"I couldn't function properly, and my life had no meaning, even though I had 2 other daughters and a loving husband," she said.

"Then one morning I woke up thinking , 'I have to open that shop'.

Ms Mutlow got washed and dressed, jumped on her bike and raced down into town to see the bank manager.

"The rest is history," she said.

"The only thing Hannah And I didn't discuss was what we would call the shop, to me it was obvious."

Ms Mutlow said that she "can't quite believe it has been 30 years, and yet it seems a lifetime away".

She says she has no plans to mark the milestone.

"I put a post out on Facebook to let people know, thinking it would help advertise the shop and all the messages of support have been absolutely overwhelming," she said.

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The past two years in lockdown and battling coronavirus regulations have been a struggle for Ms Mutlow and the store.

"As has it been with everyone," she said.

"I'm not one to give in as you can imagine so will not let a pandemic beat me.

"Everything I do relates back to Hannah, she still feels close to me."