TWO new shops look to be coming to Chepstow town centre - with one slightly more out of the ordinary.

The two new businesses - a record store and an exotic pet store - will occupy adjacent premises on Bank Street in the town centre.

The as-yet-unnamed record store is, according to signs in the window, to open in November.

However, people can ring the number in the window to sell their unwanted records already.


It will take the place of the tattoo parlour which was previously on the site.

There have been calls for a shop of this kind in the town for a while, with nowhere dedicated to selling physical music in Chepstow for some time.

Next door and 'opening soon' will be the more unusually-named

Taking the pace of Hollywood Nails, the store markets itself as 'specialists in breeding and supplying several different species of tortoises'.

As well as tortoises, the store will stock bird cages, reptile vivariums and accessories.

Tortoises4you already have their sign up above the shop front and look to be nearer to opening that the record store next door.