Netflix’s Sex Education recently returned to our screens – with the third season of the hit drama.

Over the course of 24 episodes, we’ve seen laughter, tears, suspense and so much more.

But something which might have flown a little under the radar are some familiar sights.

Many of Sex Education’s filming locations can be found dotted around Newport, South Wales, and the south-eastern parts of the UK.

And, while many of these are public parks and spaces, others are private dwellings – such as the impressive looking property which is home to Otis and Gene Milburn.

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House envy is a very real thing, and many of the dwellings on the programme are certainly nice enough to evoke these feelings.

Anyone visualising themselves living in such settings might not need to look much further though – because thanks to the experts at WeThrift, we know roughly how much many of the main locations would cost to live.

Below, you can see the rough price of six Sex Education filming locations.

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Sex Education filming locations: How much would it cost to live there?

The prices have been calculated by taking the average price per square mile in each property’s location, and then applying a 30 per cent cultural premium – based on the show’s popularity.

Moordale School - Caerleon campus - Newport (£43,740,580)

Free Press Series: Moordale School (Credit: WeThrift)Moordale School (Credit: WeThrift)

The most expensive property on the programme is one of the most central ones – Moordale School.

In reality, it is the main building at Caerleon campus – which was historically a teaching college.

Despite WeThrift valuing it so highly, the building, and the campus as a whole, was sold to property developers Redrow Homes for £6.2 million.

Demolition work has started as part of plans to build hundreds of homes here.

But, the main building has listed status, and its frontage is set to be retained.

Otis and Jean's House - The Chalet, Symonds Yat East - Herefordshire (£2,927,925)

Free Press Series: Otis's house (Credit: WeThrift)Otis's house (Credit: WeThrift)

Outside of Moordale School, this is probably the most recognisable place in the entire series.

An impressive three-storey house, it is home to Otis and Gene Milburn in the show.

In reality, it can be found across the border, on the outskirts of Symonds Yat.

A 10-year-old property, it features Norwegian-inspired architecture, five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a large conservatory and two living rooms that overlook the balconies; with one offering picturesque views of the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean.

The chalet is even available to rent for a woodland retreat through the website, with a 4-night minimum stay costing you £2,995.

Aimee’s house - Bigsweir House - Gloucestershire (£1,480,928)

Free Press Series: Aimee's house (Credit: WeThrift)Aimee's house (Credit: WeThrift)

Within the show, this is Aimee’s house, and a destination for super-dramatic house parties – as seen in season one.

But in real life, it is better known as Bigsweir House, an 18th century Grade-II listed property rebuilt in 1740.

It has a sandstone exterior, and views overlooking the River Wye.

The current owner’s son even had a part as an extra in the series – which probably gave him a pretty short commute home after work.

Mountainside Military School - Margam Country Park and Castle - Port Talbot (£1,278,272)

Free Press Series: Mountainside Military Academy (Credit: WeThrift)Mountainside Military Academy (Credit: WeThrift)

Returning to Wales, we have Mountainside Military School – located near Port Talbot.

If Adam Groff lived in the real world, it is far more likely that being shipped off to Margam Country Park and Castle would be a better time.

The 19th-century Tudor gothic mansion is a Grade I listed building and boasts everything you’d expect from a castle, including an octagonal tower, vast staircase hall, library, grand dining room, drawing room and orangery.

Eric’s House - Old Farm House Mews - Herefordshire (£187,177)

Free Press Series: Eric's house (Credit: WeThrift)Eric's house (Credit: WeThrift)

This property is a little more shrouded in mystery, simply because the exterior of the house is very rarely seen.

What we do know, is that it is a privately owned property called Old Farm House Mews, in the Wye Valley.

Inside, there is a clear theme – retro wallpaper, retro wallpaper, and more retro wallpaper.

Maeve’s Caravan - Sterrett’s Caravan Park, Symonds Yat - Herefordshire (£35,750)

Free Press Series: The caravan park (Credit: WeThrift)The caravan park (Credit: WeThrift)

A key filming location, a number of the most dramatic, and heartfelt moments of the show are filmed here.

Maeve Wiley’s caravan can be found at Sterrett’s Caravan Park.

Not for the first time, Symonds Yat, is home to a filming location, and again, it sits close by to the River Wye.