A PRE-SCHOOL near Chepstow has seen its outdoor classroom transformed thanks to a donation from a construction firm.

Tutshill Community Pre-school has today unveiled the revamped outdoor classroom — thanks to a £1,000 Community Fund donation from Barratt and David Wilson Homes South Wales.

Pre-makeover, the garden would become mud-sodden each time it rained, with the top soil washing onto the outdoor learning resources — making the crates, building blocks and chairs unusable, slippery and dangerous.

The school’s ‘Book Nook’ — a community lending library for local families to enjoy quality reading time together — was also impacted when the mud was at its worst, with families unable to sit down comfortably and books often ruined by the moisture.

However, thanks to Barratt’s donation, the outdoor area has now been re-turfed with the addition of steps, sleepers and a gravel drain — providing a clean, safe space for the children to develop co-operative play methods and appreciate the great outdoors.


Debra Hockin, Leader at the pre-school said: “Here at the pre-school, we strongly believe a child’s love of learning is inspired by play and the outdoors.

“Although the children would still try their best to make the most of their outdoor learning prior to transforming the garden, they couldn’t do so to their full potential. For example, the mud kitchen was simply too wet to allow them to grip the items properly — impacting their dexterity.

“Age two to five is the prime time for children to develop muscle connection, joint strength, healthy bones, pencil skills and even simple movements like sitting on a chair — skills now much more easily practised in our outdoor classroom.”

Richard Lawson, Sales Director for Barratt and David Wilson Homes South Wales said: “The pandemic has impacted everyone in a variety of ways — but perhaps the generation most adversely affected are young children.

“Children aged two or three haven’t known a life pre-Covid, and as a result, have had limited opportunities to socialise and develop beyond their own family units.

“We’re delighted to have facilitated this transformation — allowing local children to once again enhance their physical and emotional development through play, together and in an environment of the highest standard.”