VISITORS to an Usk primary school today may have been a little surprised to see a couple of unusual additions to the playing field.

Two military vehicles - an FV432 tank and a French GBU15 truck - looked slightly incongruous outside Usk Church In Wales Primary School.

No, the staff hadn't gone over the top in enforcing the school rules - Alastair Scott of Tank School had dropped in and brought two of his vehicles.

The visit was to cap off a term of learning about Britain's military history, from the Second World War right up until the present day.

"It's bringing learning to life," said teacher Mr Gregory.

"It makes it tangible.

"The kids have been buzzing all day."

He said that visits such as these, and the Years 5 and 6 trip to Bristol Aerospace on Tuesday, helped to make learning 'real'.

"It's a great opportunity to live their learning," he said.


Alastair Scott or Tank School, located just down the road, was more than happy to bring along just some of his fleet of military vehicles for the children to experience.

"Doing things like this helps make the children aware of the world of defence," he said.

"I'm happy and pleased to be able to do this."

Mr Scott was inundated with questions from eager students such as "are those bullet holes" and "is the machine gun loaded? Can I shoot it?"

The vehicles on show at the school today were:

  • An FV432 tank complete with M2 50Cal machine gun- still in use according to Mr Scott. "It's a tank of a certain kind," he said. "A great size to be able to show the kids and great for learning to drive a tank."
  • A very rare French GBU15 truck - one of only a handful of working examples in the country

Tank School offer the opportunity for people of all ages to have a go at driving vehicles such as tanks, humvees and military trucks.