A HIGH school in Monmouthshire has fallen victim to vandalism after being targeted on the night of Hallowe'en.

Caldicot Comprehensive School was among a series of properties in the town targeted by vandals on Sunday, October 31.

'Significant' graffiti has been sprayed on the outer walls and windows of the school.

Other properties to have been affected are the local leisure centre and Sudbrook Cricket Club.

Lewd imagery, along with profane messages such as 'f**k you' and 's**t hole' were found on the exterior of the school.

CCTV footage showed that the offence had taken place shortly after midnight on Hallowe'en.


One commenter on social media posted a tounge-in-cheek question to famed graffiti artist Banksy saying: "where was you [sic] around midnight last night?"

Executive headteacher Marc Belli said: "Regrettably, the school, local leisure centre and Sudbrook cricket club were the victims of criminal acts of vandalism.
"CCTV footage has shown this to have taken place just after midnight on Hallowe'en.

"This included significant graffiti on external walls and windows situated by the car park area.

"The school is assisting Gwent Police with their enquiries”.