A PONTYPOOL barber has been named as the best in Wales, as voted for by her customers.

Nicolle Teague set up Teague’s Barbers in Wainfelin when she was just 20, and has grown the business over the following eight and a half years to now being named the best barbers in Wales.

The title was awarded at the Best of Welsh Business Awards in November, where she secured 27 per cent of the total vote – well clear of the runner-up, which scored 21 per cent.


“I was buzzing with the fact that I even got nominated,” she said. “I then got a letter saying that I was a finalist. I thought brilliant, I was chuffed.

“Some of the barber shops that were there had big crews and were in town centres. I couldn’t believe that little old me on my own was there and won – I had to take a family member to the awards night as I am on my own in the shop!

“It’s purely because of my customers. They are so loyal. I was shocked to win. I was shaking like a leaf going up to collect my award. I was gobsmacked.

“All these years staying late and opening up early and the whole thing with Covid – I had to close three or four times last year.”

Free Press Series: Nicolle Teague collecting the award for Best Barbers at the Best of Welsh Business Awards. Picture: Nicolle Teague.Nicolle Teague collecting the award for Best Barbers at the Best of Welsh Business Awards. Picture: Nicolle Teague.

Ms Teague said she had a feeling that her barbers would take off as soon as she viewed the shop for the first time.

“I was training in a barber shop when I left school,” she said. “I qualified and reached my highest potential in that shop. I had been there for five years. I thought the only progression I could make was by opening my own.

“I realised that Wainfelin and Tranch did not have a barbers. I went and viewed the shop – it needed a bit of work, but I had a feeling about it.

“I handed in my notice and thought I have nothing to lose – I was 20, didn’t have anyone relying on me, and was living with my dad. When I told my dad, he was really supportive.

“In the end, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

“I’ve had amazing loyal customers who have been coming to me for 10 years plus. They are so good to me and keep recommending me – it’s not like I’m in a town and people are just walking by and coming in.

“As soon as I opened, I began saving and was able to buy the shop after five years.”

Teague’s Barbers has also been nominated for the 2022 Best of Welsh Business Awards as well, with voting open until March 27.

To find out more, visit ‘Teague's Barbers’ on Facebook or visit the shop on Penywain Terrace.