GWENT’s very own seal gave locals a treat today – as it enjoyed a Boxing Day dinner.

The seal – nicknamed ‘Sammy’ - appeared in the River Wye in Chepstow near to the Wye bridge and took advantage of the marine wildlife by feasting on a number of eels.

He was watched by around 50 locals according to resident Robert Channing who provided us with some photos.

Mr Channing said that 'Sammy' the seal is in the river all year round but at this time of year usually goes to Tintern to feed and is normally spotted between April and September in Chepstow feeding on the salmon.

A seal nicknamed 'Sid' by other locals was spotted in the same area in May, but it is not known if they are the same seal or not.


The UK is home to around 36 per cent of the world’s grey seal population. National Trust say while seals are curious and usually gentle, you should never approach one in the wild – however they may choose to come to you.

You shouldn’t get closer to a seal than 20m unless they do approach you and if you spot one, you should move slowly and be gentle – this will keep the seal feeling calm and not threatened

Welsh Marine Life Rescue say that if you see a seal on land, you should:

  • Keep your distance
  • Don't put a seal back in the sea
  • Keep your dog on a lead and quiet, at a distance
  • Don't share the location on social media (it may attract a crowd)
  • Report any seals in need or pups in public places at WMLR or BDMLR if elsewhere 01825 765546.