A LONG-serving teacher at Monmouth School for Girls has died, aged 74.

Sue Green, who lived in the town, was a deputy headmistress and geography teacher, who worked at the school from 1977 to 2006.

Mrs Green came to the school when her husband, Dr Brian Green, was appointed head of chemistry, and was able to use her expertise in teaching geography and providing careers advice.

She was appointed deputy headmistress in 1992 and continued in the role for 14 years until retirement.

Former headmistress Dr Brenda Despontin said: "Every headteacher will tell you that the secret to success in that role is a good deputy.

“I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had excellent deputies over the years, and Mrs Green was among the best.

“She was already in post at Monmouth when I was appointed in 1997, and I valued enormously her kind welcome, her thoughtful advice and her willingness to share with me her considerable knowledge of the school and its culture.

“She would work tirelessly to ensure as many girls as possible were able to study the option subjects of their choice, and I used to watch in awe as she and Mrs Anne Evans constructed the annual timetable, one made ever more challenging after the introduction of A level co-operation with Monmouth School for Boys.

“On a personal level, Sue was a joy to work with. We never argued, but she was willing to challenge me when needed, something I valued greatly.

"She will not be forgotten.”

Former deputy head, Dr Ruth Weeks, said: “Sue will be remembered by all at Monmouth School for Girls with great affection.

“She enjoyed her role as Deputy Head and was always very supportive of the staff and pupils in her care.

“Her quiet demeanour belied a profound intelligence and strong sense of duty which showed in everything she undertook.

"A kind and caring colleague, Sue will be sadly missed by all who knew her."